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The universe March 29, 2013

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Our girl woke feeling very sore and achey in her limbs this morning with a headache too.

It’s always a little scary when new symptoms present. Your mind races through everything that’s happened in the last 24/48 hours, thinking about possible triggers.

And always in the back of your mind lurks the ever present thought that there is something else wrong with her that has been missed. In fact, that last is essentially true as one knows exactly what is going on in her body. Which is why you think about the previous 24/48 hours in case some clues lie there so you might just might be able to stop it happening again.

The two lovely friends from high school came by yesterday and stayed for 2 hours. May have been a little long so I’m wondering if these new symptoms are from overdoing it. Usually our girl has a sore throat when she has overdone it but not so this time.

Anyhow I really just wanted to post to thank the universe as she is now at least propped up in bed watching the UK ‘Miranda’ comedy that a good friend lent us in the hope it would bring some laughter sometime when needed – and now our next door neighbour’s cat, a beautifully friendly marmalade boy, has wandered in and curled up on our girl’s bed. Isn’t that wonderful?

Hope today is a good day for you.


4 Responses to “The universe”

  1. Janet Warry Says:

    Hi Annie, my son crashed after a 3 hour visit from school friends he hadnt seen for almost 2 years. He had such a great time sitting and chatting, feeling like a normal teenager. That was a crash well worth it. Hope todays a better day for her. Take care “carer”.

    • parentingcfs Says:

      Yes Janet, that does sound like a crash well worth it! So glad his friends dropped by. I’m pretty sure it was a crash for our girl now too. Really helped getting everyone’s reassurance that that was probably the case. Hope you’ve had a lovely Easter.

  2. Mmp Says:

    Such a roller coaster ride with a chronically sick child!
    Blessings to you all

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