Navigating adolescent CFS

So much thinking, so little time! December 16, 2012

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Hi all

Another week in the Wilson house and no new illnesses..phew!! You know, look for the positives and all that!

No seriously the great news is that our incredibly brave young man went back for a second dry needling appointment and it seems to have really helped with the pain. Which is good because it DID hurt as much the second time!! 

He’s still stiff and constantly a little sore when upright but he has stretching slump exercises from the physio and, most importantly, we feel we have some places to go if  (when?) it acts up seriously again… 

Our girl has climbed out of the bad place she was in last week. She is able to eat a little more again and is feeling stronger. Yesterday she had a fantastic experience that I will share in my next post which will be about some of the people who have made a difference recently by their acts of generosity- both small and large – and well, just their lovely personalities!

More soon…. : )


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