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Dry needling December 5, 2012

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My brave boy just had 4 needles stuck into each of his legs!! Calf muscles. Hell it made ME wince just looking at it!

But afterwards he got off the bed and was like a newborn animal trying out his legs as if he couldn’t believe they were real. He’s happy to go back for another treatment next week so it must have made a difference for him to go through it again!

This was our first visit to this osteopath. She will work in tandem with the wonderful one doing cranial osteopathy on both our kids.

Remains to be seen if this treatment will only be a short term relief or may produce longer lasting changes.

I will keep you informed.


4 Responses to “Dry needling”

  1. Jo Koehn Says:

    It made me wince just to read about it! Is it like acupuncture? I’ve tried that before with some good results for other conditions. I do hope the treatments work for both your kids. I’ll be following their progress and will be anxious to see some GREAT results. Best to all of you!

    • parentingcfs Says:

      From what I understand acupuncture is related to chi etc whereas dry needling addresses the actual muscles that are problems and jolts them back into action. Fingers crossed! Thanks for your comment Jo. Hugs.x

  2. Sue Jackson Says:

    Wow, I have never even heard of that before, but I’m glad it gave him some relief!


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