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Update on what’s helping. December 26, 2012

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Well, here it is post Christmas and I have much to be grateful for. We spent Christmas Day by the river with extended family. My 11 year old boy spent most of his time in and out of a canoe and was as happy as the proverbial pig in mud. No mention of leg pain. Very very tired today but he has missed a bit of sleep these past few days so we’ll see. As I’ve said, dry needling from the osteopath has really helped him, he’s also been taking supplements.

Meanwhile our gorgeous girl came to the river despite the heat and lay on a rug READING A BOOK most of the day!!!

This beautiful day that our kids could enjoy was the biggest gift of all. I gave our girl more frequent midodrine than usual (we are in the process of increasing) and I’m fairly certain this is helping. She is also now had licorice root added to her other herbs and I’m sure this is having an effect too. Also the cranial osteopath we’ve seen has helped her body get a little more back into sync and the targeted clinical pilates has made her stronger. She seems more herself, despite the hot weather. My life seems to be an endless round of cooking nutritiously and making sure everyone has taken their tablets and potions! But I’m so happy to be able to help them and I know this stage will not be forever.

In a few weeks we’ll have to sit down and work out how she is going to approach the new school year. Does she think she can up school attendance from one lesson to two or three a week? Which practitioners does she want to continue to see (as she may prefer to use the energy the appointments take for school or social activities)? Would she prefer to trade me in for another mother? Oops how did that last one slip in?!! Parenting a sick teenage girl has to be one of the most beautiful and most confronting relationships there are! At least i know how she REALLY feels! Or do I??? Biggest gift i ever gave her and myself as we hit the teenage years… I do not need to respond to every comment or angry word..sometimes it is the most powerful message of all… ie let’s move on, neither of us needs to waste any more time on this discussion right now!

So that’s us for now. I feel hopeful again…the sunshine and Christmas cheer helps i’m sure. To all of you out there who are not on one of the top curves of the roller coaster today, my thoughts are with you.


So much thinking, so little time! December 16, 2012

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Hi all

Another week in the Wilson house and no new illnesses..phew!! You know, look for the positives and all that!

No seriously the great news is that our incredibly brave young man went back for a second dry needling appointment and it seems to have really helped with the pain. Which is good because it DID hurt as much the second time!! 

He’s still stiff and constantly a little sore when upright but he has stretching slump exercises from the physio and, most importantly, we feel we have some places to go if  (when?) it acts up seriously again… 

Our girl has climbed out of the bad place she was in last week. She is able to eat a little more again and is feeling stronger. Yesterday she had a fantastic experience that I will share in my next post which will be about some of the people who have made a difference recently by their acts of generosity- both small and large – and well, just their lovely personalities!

More soon…. : )


Dry needling December 5, 2012

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My brave boy just had 4 needles stuck into each of his legs!! Calf muscles. Hell it made ME wince just looking at it!

But afterwards he got off the bed and was like a newborn animal trying out his legs as if he couldn’t believe they were real. He’s happy to go back for another treatment next week so it must have made a difference for him to go through it again!

This was our first visit to this osteopath. She will work in tandem with the wonderful one doing cranial osteopathy on both our kids.

Remains to be seen if this treatment will only be a short term relief or may produce longer lasting changes.

I will keep you informed.