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“Ignition” November 22, 2012

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For those of you interested in the cranial osteopathy we are trying, our therapist felt “ignition” today and from her excitement I could tell it was something good!

It basically is what it sounds like ie; the body has been idling and just barely chugging along but suddenly a switch is thrown and the energy starts pulsing properly! Well, something like that anyway!

It was our girl’s fourth session and apparently ignition was something the osteo had been waiting and hoping for. We may see a big improvement this week or it could continue to go in small increments…

The big news is (drum roll please) that our girl read a book on and off for an hour yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is HUGE as she has been unable to read for more than 5 minutes since July.

It’s impossible to tell if any one therapy is helping more than another. We are just so grateful to see her making some progress in the right direction!

Her current protocol consists of: prescription medication for BP issues and sleep, targeted clinical pilates, supplements prescribed by an expert naturopath, routine bed time and wake time, two minutes slowly on an exercise bike twice a week, one class at school per week, half an hour in sunlight each day and an animal protein and vegetable rich diet, twice weekly visits from friends….and as much laughter and pop music she can handle! Oh and eternal patience from her mother…ooops how did that slip onto the page???!!!!

Actually last week I cracked and had to walk away when she was being uncooperative about taking medication or something ..can’t even remember what it was about! Dad took over and I went away for the night with a girlfriend. Best thing I could have done! Aaah the poor kids, they are remarkable considering how miserable they feel. Tonight she was very nauseous and just looked at me with big eyes and  said, “Make me better Mum”. Such a relief to know she still thinks I can!!

Smiling and waving here again!


6 Responses to ““Ignition””

  1. B Says:

    That is so exciting! Can’t wait to see how this develops.

  2. Els Bakker Says:

    Hallo Annie (I think)
    I have been reading your weblog and see you are travelling a familiar road that I have travelled with my daughter for the past 14 years.Our support system, bar a few “specialist” appointments during the first few years,are our osteopath (he is her cousin, which is an extra bonus!),and our wonderful naturopath. She also sees an acupuncturist, mainly for more specific problems.I have have done a vast amount of research over the years and then pass this on to our local doctor, naturopath & osteo and then discuss whether these are useful /safe treatments, remedies etc. Exercise has mainly been swimming, she was a squad swimmer prior to onset of her illness, and walking. She always has had a tendency to overdue things, so it was not unusual for her to call me to pick her up because she had no energy left to get back home! I could probably write a book by now, but if anytime you would like some information or support, please email. Take care

    • parentingcfs Says:

      Hi!!! Thanks so much for commenting. I am so very sorry to hear your daughter has been ill for so so long. I guess you know my girl was a squad swimmer before she got ill too. I would love to chat more and will send you an email later when have a little more time : )

  3. Karina Says:

    Hi Was wondering how Ricki went….. sounds like things are shifting a bit for you.
    So glad….. Karina

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