Navigating adolescent CFS

Barbara Arrowsmith Young November 20, 2012

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Phew. It’s one of those weeks where it doesn’t seem possible that it is only Wednesday morning!

Completely off the point of this blog, Monday was AWESOME! (said in musical tones!) For those of you who know me you would know that I am fascinated by the new developments in neuroscience…specifically plasticity and what it means for children with learning difficulties that aren’t helped enough by what is currently offered.

Well, on Monday I was lucky enough to attend a presentation by Barbara Arrowsmith Young,educator extraordinaire and a big hero of mine. So humble, so inspiring.I won’t go on about the details but it really made my year! I can put a big tick next to an item on my life list! Afterward, a taxi didn’t turn up,so I also drove her and a colleague back to their hotel, which was so exciting I’m thrilled I managed not to crash the car!! (oh and eternally grateful that the car had been recently vacuumed!)  There are many areas of the brain that need to be engaged when: driving, trying to think of intelligent things to say, finding the way and dealing with an out of body experience!

Anyway enough on that! Monday was also a long awaited day as we had our first appointment with a naturopath who is renowned for her skill here in Melbourne. So our girl has a new protocol to follow that includes various herbs, some Chinese medicine pills and 3  x 30g minimum (preferably animal based) protein a day. I will tell you more when we see some results.

Last night I went to an information night at my daughter’s school. Bad idea. What was I thinking?? Turned out to also be a celebration of what the Year 7s had achieved this year and it brought home all that my precious girl is missing out on. I was lucky enough to have a pretty great time at high school and I so want that for her. Ah well, maybe next year.

Meanwhile she is certainly better than she was 6 weeks ago. She has had a few sessions of a very slow 2 minutes on the exercise bike these last weeks with no noticeable downhill slide so here’s hoping.

May your news be good news.



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