Navigating adolescent CFS

Physiotherapy Part 3 September 6, 2012

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Bit of a grim start to the day with our girl attempting to go to school but not quite getting there.

She is in quite a lot of pain with her right knee which is a new thing and almost certainly the result of the clinical pilates she’s been doing. However it doesn’t fill me with the usual worried ache in my stomach. That’s because I call the physiotherapist and they listen and suggest tweaking the routine in ways that make sense to us and we feel someone who knows what they are doing is really listening to our girl’s body. Such a relief.

So, still no school, but today and yesterday many of her symptoms have been absent or less troublesome…just the knee throwing a big spanner in the works right now!

Off to RCH clinic tomorrow.

I am exploring meditation possibilities at the moment too, so do write in if you have any suggestions please!

Hope life is going well in your corner of the universe.




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