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Physiotherapy Part 2 August 12, 2012

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For those of you who are interested our second visit to the physiotherapist also went well.

I asked more questions which he patiently answered and my girl did various pilates exercises. At one point, with the help of some equipment she raised her legs to nearly 90 degrees for the first time in over 18 months…..

She has continued to do the set exercise a little each day and has been getting up and showering every morning and had a few outings!!! All very exciting.

Of course, it’s very early days but she just might have pulled out of the several month long crash for whatever reason….I hope.

School as always is the test. However tomorrow we are going to a four hour clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital. It is a newish set up. We will see an occupational therapist, a clinical psychologist, a rehab doctor, a physiotherapist and an education support person.

Such a long clinic is not ideal but having spoken to the coordinator now I can see it’s early days and they really are trying to get their heads around what they can do to help. My daughter was point blank refusing to go because the session was so long and ‘they can’t help me anyway’ (so sad to hear her say). However she spoke to the lovely coordinator on the phone on Friday and has declared her ‘an angel’ and feels that she will be understood and looked after and is happy to go. Terribly early start for us but hopefully will be worth it.

I’ll let you if I learn anything new!

Best wishes, smiles and waves! x


4 Responses to “Physiotherapy Part 2”

  1. Cheri Portelli Says:

    Hope it goes really well xxx

  2. Sarah Wilson Says:

    So happy to hear that H is having a bit of a respite. It just sounds like such a roller coaster that you’re all on. Thinking of you and H and hoping the respite continues. Lots of love, Sarah.

    • parentingcfs Says:

      Hi Sarah! Yes a big roller coaster to be sure! She’s a bit crashed now after concentrating at the hospital this morning but hoping to get back to school Thursday for a bit. Physio Wednesday and that’s enough for one day. Fingers crossed. Love to you and thanks for checking in! Annie

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