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If things were different….. July 30, 2012

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The third week of third term just started here and our girl has made it to school for a day and a half so far. It’s a bit grim but hey, I’m finally learning the real meaning of not being able to choose what happens but being able to choose how I react to it! And if I smile and laugh, more often than not the world (and my daughter) smiles and laughs with me. It’s a good lesson for me. Unfortunately it doesn’t change things for my daughter but we’re working on it!

This last weekend we put her in the car and took her to the snow.

My husband and son love to ski and my son specifically asked if I would come too this year. Usually it is a father and son trip. I don’t want my son missing out on too much as so much of our lives are dictated by ME/CFS these days so, despite my dislike of the cold and concern about how our daughter would cope, we booked a chalet with friends many months back. Had I known our girl would have regressed so much at this time of year I’m not sure if we would have made those plans. However, as we all learn when dealing with chronic illness, if life can go on, it should.

It turned out to be a great weekend. Our daughter walked from the car to the chalet  and back and then briefly stood in the snow on our way out of the resort yesterday. Otherwise she sat on the daybed with glorious snow and sunshine to look at out of the big windows, watching the icicles melt and snow fall off well as listening to music and writing away on the laptop, of course! She enjoyed herself thoroughly.

There were two anecdotes I wanted to share with you after our trip. We were lucky enough to share our house with a good friend and his daughter – who turned 8 on Sunday! S is full of beans and loves to sing. Our daughter has known her since she was born and a lot of laughter therapy was at work this weekend! S had her first ski lesson ever on the Saturday morning, which was beautifully sunny after a snow fall overnight. She then tobogganed most of the afternoon. Upon returning to the house and finding our girl in exactly the same position as when she left S enquired of her dad, “Is H’s illness one that she’ll have for life or will it go away?” to which her dad replied she would have to ask H. I was interested to hear our girl reply, ” If I look after myself and take some medicine I’ll get better.”  Always good to hear what the patient themselves has absorbed! S’s precious little brother has type one diabetes which I imagine is also why this question came to mind.

Second anecdote was poignant. My daughter and I were watching the Olympic swimming whilst the others were out and she said to me, “You know, if things were different, that’s what I’d be working towards now.” Crack!!!! Can you hear my heart from where you are? If things were different indeed. I replied, “But you never liked beating people” to which she responded, “No, but I loved swimming so much I would have kept going…” Ah well, things ARE different and maybe that’s not such a bad thing…as long as it’s not forever.

Alas no school again today but that’s okay. Smile and wave boys, smile and wave!


6 Responses to “If things were different…..”

  1. Cheri Portelli Says:

    Paragraph 5 :-)) Paragraph 6 :-((((((.
    Hugs to you both xx

  2. Roddy Says:

    As you say,Anybody can be dealt a bum hand, it’s how you play it that makes you a real poker player. Love as always, R.

  3. Sue Jackson Says:

    So glad that you at least got to enjoy your snowy getaway (I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that we are sweating in 95 degree weather here and you have snow there…). I am also always interested in what my boys say about their illnesses and their prognosis. It sounds as if H has an optimistic, positive attitude and that means a lot!!

    And I loved your photo…and your last line!!


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