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“Better” June 24, 2012

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Today is the 4th day of taking the full gamut of potions and pills suggested by the naturopath/homeopath we saw last Monday.

On the second day (3rd if we count the first day where she took nearly everything) she got up and ready for school and I asked her how she felt. She replied, “Better”. Now, since she’d spent most of the previous two days in bed, she really just meant better than yesterday or the day before. However, as this word swam around and around in my head, I realised that the reason it had such an impact on me was that it was the first time in 18 months, with all the rollercoaster ups and downs, that our girl had chosen to use this particular word to answer that question. And I’m hypothesising that, previously, when she’s felt a little physically stronger, the mental cost of having such low seratonin levels has prevented her from using a word like this because it has a positive connotation.

So that was enough for a little extra bit of sunshine to start glimmering in my soul. Then the next morning, yesterday, she said to me, “I can feel the slump is over”.  Be still my beating heart!!!! Of course, her to-date 6 week winter slump may or may not be over, but hallelujah that she can express this optimism without her poor deprived brain tricking her into more Eeyore like thoughts!

So, very early days, but I thought I too would share this little bit of optimism with you. If we continue to get good results I’ll share information about the tonics she’s taking! : )


One Response to ““Better””

  1. Sue Jackson Says:

    Hurray!! That’s great news….though I am still trying to catch up, so I’m not sure how she’s been more recently! But any positive signs are always good 🙂

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