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Phew! May 28, 2012

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I’ve been holding my breath a little these past weeks and it’s lovely to be able to exhale properly again.

Our precious girl had launched into her second term of high school in good form …well ‘new normal’ form anyhow. That is – permanently tired with various flulike symptoms but able to concentrate for extended periods of time and attend and enjoy school provided she didn’t do anything much out of school hours. And no exercise.

As I mentioned in my previous post, she suddenly crashed for no apparent reason in Week 6 and dragged herself to school a bit before succumbing to full on rest. Partway through this she developed full on stomach cramping that made her very miserable. My little heart was going pitter patter trying not to think this was a worsening of  ME/CFS symptoms. So perhaps you can understand why when, as my girl seemed to pulling up a little, my son developed a very sore stomach I crowed happily to my visiting sister-in-law that ” It’s all good because BB is sick now so it’s not CFS related” . Sadly what I didn’t realise was that my DARLING SON WAS IN THE ROOM WHEN I SAID IT! Not the most tactful thing I’ve ever done in my life as he didn’t hesitate to point out to me!

Luckily I seem to be forgiven (Hopefully he won’t need therapy later!) but it was a reminder to me to remember to check corners of the room before saying certain things!!!!

Anyhow, I was lucky as always to have the wonderful wisdom of other mothers to help me through the patch. So I now understand that it looks as if every now and then a virus will come along that will wipe her out a little more than most other kids and to make sure she rests, rests, rests at such times so she can bounce back… ‘pushing through’.

So today was our girl’s second full day back at school and my heart is glad again.

Sending some of that gladness out into cyberspace for you……..



2 Responses to “Phew!”

  1. keena Says:

    I pray that the stomach thing will leave your house completely….Im sure your son will be ok…lol

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