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Melatonin May 18, 2012

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Hi all.

My girl and I have had an sharp reminder of how carefully balanced her life is! Every 30 days I trot to the chemist to get the repeat melatonin (that controls her otherwise restless sleep) prescription filled. I could get it mailed in larger doses and really must get around to that! Yesterday I knew I needed to get to the chemist but we had one dose left of the short-acting liquid form of melatonin that we tried last summer. This was because our specialist wanted to make sure none of our girl’s morning fatigue was due to some of the prolonged release melatonin still being in her system. We had found that she had a more settled sleep with the prolonged release pills and they are small enough not to present a swallowing problem. Also her morning fatigue is no worse than any other time so the decision was easy (oh the delight of an easy decision!!)

Anyhooooooow…. it was really much more convenient for me to go to the chemist TODAY so I asked the precious girl if she would be ok with the liquid dose last night. She was fine with it and so that was settled. BUT at 6:30 am when I wandered past her room she matter of fact informed me that she’d been awake since 3am! She hadn’t connected the melatonin dots but I immediately did! In her usual positive style she stated that she might just do half a school day. I agreed ( as I always do to whatever she decides about school now – she is soooo conscientious I would be doing her a disservice to do anything else) Anyhow by 8am she was on the couch with her face the same colour as her white dressing gown and down to ‘maybe just the first 2 lessons’. I asked her if she thought she’d be able to absorb anything in the lessons? She saw my point and, as I write, is in bed, listening to music in the dark.  She’s never been a big daytime sleeper and anyway would be too scared it would interfere with tonight’s sleep if she napped……I’ve reassured her she’s made the right decision to stay home..which is the biggest gift I can give her.

She was really disappointed not to go today, is missing her friends and bored I suspect. She has been at home since Tuesday for no clear reason though I suspect a version of the virus I and her brother have had. In her case her immune system is on such high alert she generally doesn’t get some of the symptoms we get..she’s already got so many of her own that trump them perhaps???!!!

Anyway it’s the weekend ahead and let’s hope for a good school week next week. Plus this was the 5th week of an 11 week term so probably good timing for a break!!!



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