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Another milestone…but as always, the caution…. May 8, 2012

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It’s a sad state of affairs when you become so finely attuned to your child’s illness that you can pick from the smallest indicators that today is a bad day. In my case, I’ve discovered that my girl’s face takes on a slight opaque sheen. It’s handy to have picked this up but I wish it wasn’t necessary! Ah well!

Yesterday’s milestone was a trip home from school on public transport by herself! She enjoyed herself thoroughly once on the train and wandering back down our street. It was so lovely to see her sparkle. Of course, it took extra energy and the sheeny face was there this morning. “so hard to get up Mum” (this was when she’d already walked from her room to mine and lain down on the bed..not a teenage ‘my bed is so comfy and warm I’m not going anywhere!”) And I said, “Maybe today’s an at home day?” to which she replied ‘no no I must go” Me: “No actually, you don’t have to, remember? It’s okay to stay home” Her: “No I’ll be okay.” and off she goes. She has agreed to be picked up at lunchtime..unless she texts me that she’s changed her mind. We’ll see. She does seem to have gotten pretty smart at picking when to pull the pin. I am so very proud of her!!!!!! Sorry Mum explosion there!

Oh and by the way…she’s agreed to go dairy free and waved goodbye to cheese for now… : (


2 Responses to “Another milestone…but as always, the caution….”

  1. Keena Says:

    I am so glad that she seems to be on the road to recovery… I know how stressful it must be to feel the need to guard her every action. I was in my 30’s when I was diagnosed and I denied it for so long and just kept pushing myself until I could push no more. I pray that as she grows she will get healhier and healther and be able to have a productive adult life…My prayers and thoughts are with you.

    • parentingcfs Says:

      Hi Keena and thanks as always for your prayers for my precious girl. I hope you were able to read my post about the seminar too and how hopeful some of the research is starting to look. I know there have been many ups and downs over the years but there really is some serious research happening that should bring good things your way shortly. That’s my positive spin for you! Take care.

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