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Camp! February 29, 2012

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This week was school camp. 125 Year 7 students headed off Monday morning and will be back tonight -Wednesday. Our girl chose to go up just for the day yesterday and luckily the camp was only an hour away so manageable for me to do the driving there and back. (Actually I partly filled in the time by taking myself to the movies a little way away and saw “Any Questions For Ben’ and, despite what the critics are saying, loved it!!!! Highly recommended for people who like the movies I like – especially people who love Melbourne….!)

Anyhow, back on topic, our girl had 8 hours at camp! Among other things she participated in ‘water trampolining’ (is exactly what it sounds like -trampolines in water -bizarre but great fun apparently !) and rode on a flying fox! Oh and ‘walked up and down big hills Mum’! I know, dream come true right?!!!! AND SHE’S NOT BADLY CRASHED TODAY! She’s pretty tired (a 4), as I would expect after using muscles she hasn’t used for a while, but doing homework with no increased brain fog etc. It still feels like a miracle. She was very happy to come home and not be spending the night. She just doesn’t have the physical stamina still…

But, as I keep saying, compared to where she was, this is enough. : )

Ever heard of water trampolining???


4 Responses to “Camp!”

  1. keena Says:

    That is so good to hear…. I love hearing success stories. Although, she is not “cured”, I am happy to see that she is able to live life to some degree…..

    • Annie Says:

      Thanks so much Keena…I sure am happy to supply a success story! Best wishes for a recovery for you …I know it can’t come soon enough. Thank you for commenting. : )

  2. Amy Says:

    I am so glad to hear she managed to enjoy a school trip with her friends! A massive boost of positivity for her and for you! 🙂

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