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Two full weeks of school!!!! February 17, 2012

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Just a quick update for those of you I don’t get to see or chat to. All is going swimmingly with our girl. Apart from the swimming which she’s had no time or energy for while she gets into the school rhythm!

School is working out as well as we could possibly have dreamed. Our girl is thriving on being back in the thick of life, in the way that only a child who has been missing out can. She organises herself happily in the morning, gets through her full school day, comes home and completes her homework and then watches tv, eats dinner and puts herself to bed early. She is loving French, has an Elvis impersonator as her drama teacher and is pushing ahead with maths…..can even do mental arithmetic again!

Of course, we are so so thrilled that she feels well enough to participate so fully in life. Then, there are the little things we notice. Like the fact she is finally back on an even keel with her little brother who still looks to her for ‘big kid’ wisdom and approval but hasn’t received much of it for the past 12 months as his big sister has struggled with energy and unhappiness. My heart bursts with joy every time she simply bothers to call goodbye to him as she leaves or compliments him on some achievement. It is so very welcome to have our beautiful, big-hearted girl back.

We still navigate life a little differently for her. We’ve decided she won’t receive the HPV immunisation she would be getting with other 12 year olds next month as we don’t wish to put anything more into her body for her immune system to deal with for the time being. We will catch up with it later.  She also has a 2 night camp coming up the week after next which is quite a challenge for her. Apart from sitting out some of the more physical aspects of it, she doesn’t yet trust her body to feel well enough when away from home… We are thinking one night of camp may be enough but will decide next week. Meanwhile she occasionally mentions public transport wistfully…as then she’d feel like a real high schooler apparently! I’ve noticed this generally only gets brought up very early in the week when she has some energy reserves. For now we will continue to drive her to and from school. We would rather she used any extra energy to do special exercises or pick up one of her instruments. Once I head back to work, should that become possible, she will need to catch public transport. These are decisions for a later date.

So I will sign off for now. I remember so happily waving goodbye to 2011 and welcoming 2012 and we truly couldn’t have hoped for a better start. May the stars be shining on you also.



6 Responses to “Two full weeks of school!!!!”

  1. Annie this is fantastic. I’m so glad for you both. I hope she keeps improving from strength to strength. Watch out you’ll have a full time teenager on your hands shortly 🙂 with any luck.


  2. Sarah Wilson Says:

    This is just terrific. I am so happy to hear that Harriet is thriving. Wish I was there! Missing you all. Give her a big hug from me. So proud of her! Love Sarah.

  3. Marita Says:

    That is an awesome start to the school year. Three cheers for everyone.

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