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The many joys of water November 28, 2011

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Water is more popular than ever in our house right now.

As you may know from reading earlier posts, we encourage our girl to drink at least 2 litres of fluids a day to help her to increase her blood volume and counteract the effects of OI (nausea, ‘fuzzy head’, headaches, dizziness, inability to control body temperature etc) Our son has also been having episodes of ‘fuzzy head’ and ensuring he drinks enough seems to have had an effect. (Yes, that’s a whole other story that I will not share right now, suffice to say ‘drinking’ seems to have chased away his symptoms)

The other main reason water is super popular here these days is that we find that when our girl gets in the cold ocean, or the not quite as cold pool, and mucks about for between 30 minutes and an hour, it doesn’t seem to cause her to crash. Somewhere along the line someone has shared with me the benefits of water pressure on her circulatory system…something along the lines that the water pressure means the blood vessels become less elastic and more effective. Whatever the reason, water play seems like good therapy for her and I am going to try to get her to pool or beach as often as possible now the summer is here…..

There’s also a great free app on ipad that sounds like rain and our girl has used this to help her get to sleep some nights. Again the joys of water! And, on the topic of fluids, she is now taking a liquid form of melatonin stocked by the Royal Children’s Hospital which is short release – previously we have been using long release which a) may have been still effecting her in the morning and b) was horribly expensive!

I’ve always loved water. Indeed, what right minded person doesn’t? But there are even more reasons to acknowledge its’ central place in our lives right now. So the rain we’ve been getting here in Melbourne is very welcome as I dwell on water’s superpowers.

As long as it doesn’t stop us getting to the pool/ beach!


4 Responses to “The many joys of water”

  1. Ahh its the cold water therapy turning up everywhere. I have caved and started having cold showers, not sure if they help, I suspect the medicinal powers are in the water pressure as you suggest. Maybe all I want for christmas is a paddling pool?

    Still I’m glad that something is helping Harriet. That’s great news keep it up 🙂

    Water is great. I even tried to tape it (raining) using Garageband but it really didn’t work and all I managed to record was something the chinese could use for torture sessions…drip drop..drap drip.

    Anyway, have fun splashing about.

    • Annie Says:

      Oh dear..Chinese water torture huh? Not very soothing! I’ve finally got hold of Alastair Lynch’s book so looking forward to reading that..Won’t be able to go the ice bath road though……! Good luck with the cold showers. You deserve that to work!!! You’re a brave woman.

  2. Keena Says:

    I pray that the water therapy will be good for her. I have tried(unsuccesfully) at that…I don’t like getting in the pool by myself-for saftey reasons. Now, its cold and I cannt afford to pay to use an inside pool… Sorry for MY venting…I pray that your daughter does well.

    • Annie Says:

      Thanks for your prayers Keena. I’m so sorry you can’t get to a pool right now. The cold weather is not easy when you’re sick. I hope you can find some beauty in every day.

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