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Precious moment. November 16, 2011

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Had one of those lovely poignant moments today.

Harriet was well enough to have a little shop so we bought her Grade 6 dinner dress.

Looking at her, standing there in the dressing room looking so beautiful, with all that mixture of innocence and ‘growing up ness’ going on, I was struck by how it seems impossible that she can look so right on the outside when her body is playing such tricks on her on the inside. Truly, if you judged by the wrapping, you would think she was a picture of health – if perhaps a little pale.

Roll on the day when the inside matches the outside again! : )



4 Responses to “Precious moment.”

  1. Oh how lovely, I can still remember my Grade 7 dress and twirling in the change room with my Mum. I hope Harriet has a lovely night when it comes around.

    I confuse myself sometimes, catching a glimpse of a healthy looking girl in the mirror. M.E. is so bloody deceptive and frustrating. It’s reassuring that Mum’s aren’t fooled.


  2. Annie Says:

    Thanks Sarah, I hope she has a lovely night too. Yes it was a lovely moment and even more special because my mum’s here at the moment so she was in the change room too! And yes mums definitely aren’t fooled! : )

  3. Sue Jackson Says:

    We were talking about this at our family get-together this weekend and how much we all hate it when someone says, “But you look so good!”

    That’s why it’s called an invisible illness, I guess!

  4. Annie Says:

    I just loved Peggy Elaine’s idea on our group today that the best reply is something along the lines of ‘thank goodness for that much because if I looked on the outside like I feel on the inside I would really be doomed!’ Doesn’t really make for cheery conversation though I guess and people do so like others to do the ‘stiff upper lip’ thing!

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