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A pretty normal teenage exchange? October 24, 2011

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As I’ve been saying to a few friends recently there are some very strange moments in my life when I feel an odd sense of intense frustration mixed with delight. These are when my girl gives me sass. Why the mixture of feelings? Because when she does it it means she has a little bit more energy than usual and that’s a great thing.

I’ve just had the following exchange with her.

Daughter re enters the room to get glass of water and book from kitchen table. Had flounced out 2 minutes previously saying, “Really good mothering there, Mum!” She didn’t mean it nicely! This is obvious also from the fact that she came to get the glass of water herself instead of imperiously requesting it brought to her as she knows I’m desperate to keep her hydrated and will bring it myself frequently though not always. A major departure from how I would be parenting my preteen were she well!

I venture, ” So when you said ‘such and such’ what you meant was ‘such and such’ ” (Won’t go into details for the sake of her privacy.)

Daughter: “NO! Of course I didn’t mean THAT.” A bit more gentle questioning and finally an elaboration from her (convoluted) of what she really meant.

Me: ‘Oh, I see. I’m not sure how I was supposed to know that.’

Daughter: “Well you just….SHOULD have.” Departs again from room but this time hopefully understanding that maybe her expectations of my telepathic skills are just a little too high…..

Aaaah I love her and all her moods.


4 Responses to “A pretty normal teenage exchange?”

  1. Sarah B. Says:

    Cheeky is good, really. I’m sure we never said anything like that to our mothers. 🙂

    I have a 5 litre cooler in my room, which my family keeps topped up for me so I can stay hydrated. (where all the water I drink is going …is anybody’s guess). H is a lot more mobile than I am but it might be easier than refilling glasses.

    I wouldn’t worry about the parenting style changes, the life lessons from me/cfs will undoubtably be part of a well rounded education for H.


  2. Annie Says:

    Thanks for the cooler tip, Sarah, it’s a great one. And, yes, I keep telling myself she can’t possibly become someone who thinks people should be at her beck and call when she’s missing out on so much, right? Just me finding something to worry about as usual!! Hope you’re doing ok. xo

  3. Sue Jackson Says:

    Oh, you are so right, Annie!!

    At 13, Craig is far more of a teenager already than 17-year old Jamie has ever been. Some of that is just personality differences, but I’m sure Jamie would have more of a teen attitude if he didn’t feel so wiped out all of the time. He’s much more docile and agreeable simply because he doesn’t have the energy to argue. So, I know just what you mean – we are thrilled to hear or see any sort of typical teen behavior from him!

    He went to the movies with two friends yesterday – first time he’d been out for fun in many months, and the first time he drove the car in months (he’s had his license for about a year). We were thrilled to see such a normal thing – going to the movies – even though it seems trivial. Unfortunately, he is crashed today, so I guess it was a bit too much for him.


  4. Annie Says:

    So glad to hear Jamie DROVE yesterday Sue! And so good he felt well enough to socialise. Hopefully it was an outing worth a crash….well nothing’s worth it really but when you don’t have a choice….

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