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Grade 6 Term 4 Day 1 October 10, 2011

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Beginning of the last term of primary school for our gorgeous girl.

For those of you not in Victoria, our children generally go to the same high school for 6 years so the only time our girl will definitely change schools is nearly upon us.

This is a momentous enough occasion as it is, without the added joys of building new relationships with students and teachers whilst ill and frequently absent, which is what our girl must face. (Unless some miracle occurs between now and February – we’d never knock back a miracle!)

Our girl went off happily enough for her 2 hour stint this morning and is now home getting reacquainted with the couch and her new best friend..the television.

Recently, when filling in a chart rating how she felt about certain aspects of her life, our girl labelled one section ‘Crappy Stuff’ and gave it a 10 out of 10. It took me a minute to work out that she was celebrating the fact that her parents let her indulge in crappy tv shows and magazines because she is ill….something we would have been much firmer about otherwise! Ah well, at least life is good for her in one section! And there was a new knife in the heart  last weekend when she said, “This house is my prison.” We’ll do a lot  to make it as tolerable as possible. I’ve even just acquiesced to her recording the Kardashian wedding – do you have any idea how hard that was?! 6 months ago I didn’t even know who the Kardashians were…and was better for it! Anyway  I held out for a while but when it comes down to it I know it’s a stage she’ll grow out of and hell I just want her to be happy. The sad reality is that the ‘go outside and run around’ option is not open to us!

I am, however, continually exploring possible ‘green’ activities ie; ones that don’t exhaust her and keep her interested. She made some jelly today with the energy burst leftover from school socialising. I’m waiting on a delivery of detailed colouring books..think I’ll get into those too! And at some stage I’ll get some nice watercolours as she’s expressed an interest in that.

So, a good start to the term as far as her mood goes. The last weeks of last term she was staying at school for recess as well but she requested leaving before recess this week and since she wasn’t faring well late last term it seems like a good idea. I even offered her Wednesdays off but she’s keen to try to go so we’ll see.

We had a chat just before about high school, as it is on her mind too now, and she stated that she wanted to go every day of the first week at least to get to know other kids. Sounds like a push and crash recipe for disaster to me but not worth addressing it yet. Three and a half months to go until we must address it.

Only time will bring the answers….

What are your ‘green’ activities?


8 Responses to “Grade 6 Term 4 Day 1”

  1. Hi Annie, lovely post as always.

    I must admit I was curious as to who the Kardashians were and a few months ago, I watched an episode. I’m sure H knows that the eyelashes aren’t the only thing on the show that’s fake.

    Initially when I got sick and moved home I had so many ideas of what I could do, from photo processing to learning languages and studying part time. Everytime I had a few good days in a row Mum and I would plan the next idea/bridge back into normal life but now I know better and let myself rest and enjoy the green activities below.

    Green activities:
    – drawing with charcoals/charcoal pencils

    – drawing with pastels

    – drawing with watercolour pencils and then despairing as the water changes the drawing to mud.

    (note I am not artistic but I think these activities use a ‘different’ part of the brain and can be relaxing especially in the ‘wind down before sleep’ part of the day, often I listen to music and draw patterns while the melatonin starts to kick in)

    – listening to audio books (the only activity I can tolerate most of the time.)

    – ridiculously detailed daydreams usually with an emphasis on my fabulous future wardrobe..

    – tv and dvd’s actually make me feel worse so are maybe ‘orange activities’, I was however addicted to Farmer wants a wife (shh don’t tell anyone).

    – visualisations, imagining and ‘doing’ past activities like walks, snorkels.

    – using the internet to do personality tests and dream about future jobs/careers etc

    I am thinking of taking up beading, as a relaxing thing I can do from bed/sofa too as I love colours and colour combinations. Oh my god I am in danger of turning into ‘another me.cfs crafter’.

    When I was finishing grade 12 by correspondence (due to undiagnosed thoracic outlet syndrome which inhibited my ability to write ie. copy off the blackboard) I used to go to my old school at lunch breaks just to visit and see everyone. That really helped, of course I had the energy then to study and visit but maybe down the track it might be a helpful option for H once in a while.

    Good luck with taking it one day at a time and enjoying the ‘crappy stuff’ lol.

  2. Annie Says:

    mmm Farmer wants a Wife huh?? No I won’t mention it!! ; ) Australia’s Next Top Model is another of H’s favourites..and I must admit to finding the odd moment to sit on the couch when it’s on….just so that I can add some helpful mum comments to it all, of course!
    Thanks for taking the time (and energy) to list your green and orange activities. It’s good to hear your take on tv/computer as I suspect H isn’t helping herself with tv and computer time either..apart from the mood enhancement short term..but it doesn’t cause her to crash so the temptation for her to watch/play is great! We too are not very artistic but I can see it is time to explore this world and that can only be a good thing I think! (Even beading!!!Though I’m not exactly sure even what that is!!)
    Oh you have certainly had your share of ‘syndromes’ huh?! Doubly not fair CFS crashed your world. Yes, thanks, we are very aware of the importance of keeping things as social as possible and will incorporate the odd recess or lunch when we can.
    Ok I had better go and see if I can interest H in something other than another episode of Modern Family! x

  3. Annie Says:

    H just read your comment and particularly liked the ‘ridiculously detailed daydreams’. Just so great for her to read about people doing similar stuff to her. Thanks : ) She wants me to tell you about the ‘Beautiful Doodles’ book she has recently acquired which is a kind of Mr Squiggle idea…..

    • I checked out the ‘Beautiful Doodles’ book, what a great idea. Such a simple idea to turn them into a book! I used to always carry a pen and paper to entertain guest’s kids if we went out for dinner, and would do Mr squiggly stuff with them. By kids I mean 7 – 17yrs (and me). Such fun. H.

      Annie – yes I think it is unfair, syndromes should be more evenly distributed, one per person! Beading – making jewellery out of beads. 🙂

  4. Keena Says:

    Good Luck w/ the high school transition!!

  5. Cheri Portelli Says:

    Is H a fan of playing cards? This is something she could do with company or by herself We are very into playing Uno & Rummy here lately. xx

    • Annie Says:

      Yes sometimes but unfortunately it does take a bit of mental energy. We did play Skip Bo again the other day..I used to play that a lot with them in the US (so 5 and & 7yrs) – have you tried it? Thanks so much for commenting xoxo

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