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Thank you October 5, 2011

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adolescent cfsI just want to write a post here about our wonderful families and friends and how supportive they’ve been.

Not one member of our family has been anything but respectful and kind when talking about our girl.

Several of them have written heartwarming comments on this blog.

All of them have understood that our girl is living her life a little bit differently right now and needs to be listened to, praised and supported and that our family activities/get togethers have needed adjusting at times so that she can cope.

No one has told her to buck up and get on with it! (Yes, these people do exist though I like to think their motives are good and they are thinning in numbers as we spread the word of what actually happens with this illness.)

This last weekend we have been visited by my lovely younger brother (Uncle R) and his wife (Aunt M) (all the way from New Zealand) and also one of my sister-in-laws (Aunt S) who is here for her last 2 weeks before heading off on another Red Cross posting, this time to South America. Seeing their quiet unquestioning acceptance of our girl and her needs made me very grateful. Coincidentally Uncle R and Aunt S are the ones who have carried the redhead genes that our daughter now has and it’s nice to see all that lovely auburn together! I wish they were around more.

In addition, I have had opportunities to go out for a couple of evenings lately and my younger sister in law, who is juggling her own young family and returning to work, is my daughter’s babysitter of choice. Not once has Aunt B said, “No, I am too sleep deprived from my own 1 and 3 year old to relief parent your children!” Which would have been perfectly understandable. She is a gift to me.

To all of you, and to my new cyberfriends with their wealth of information and support, and last and certainly not least, to our treasured friends who continue to listen to me when I just have to talk about ‘it’, and who try so hard to ask sensitive questions – and who meet me for coffee when I just have to get out of the house – “Thank you”. You truly know not how much it means.





4 Responses to “Thank you”

  1. Natalie Says:

    Just stumbled across your blog today and wanted to let you know I am a CFS survivor. I was diagnosed at age 16 after struggling through year 10. I am now 31 and have not had any CFS symptoms since age 21.

    It is a hard road to walk but at the end for me was a normal life with a degree, marriage and now a beautiful son.

    Thoughts and prayers


  2. B Says:

    You are a gift to me! Looking after your lovely children is always a pleasure.

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