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Comments my daughter doesn’t enjoy….. September 14, 2011

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adolescent cfs

The Golden Temple and our golden redhead in Japan!

This post was inspired by a 13 year old friend who has been ill with CFIDS for a couple of years now.

He told his mother the other day that his least favourite words to hear these days are:

1) “How do you feel from 1 to 10?’  and

2) ‘Life isn’t fair, is it..’


I told my daughter who laughed, agreed and added:

3) ‘Do you feel tired?’

4) ‘How are you feeling right now?’


Then she said vehemently that the comment she hates most of all is:

5) ‘You’ll feel better soon’

because she doesn’t.


I guess I’d be grumpy too if I felt like I’d had flu for 9 months or more!


2 Responses to “Comments my daughter doesn’t enjoy…..”

  1. Hiya,

    Those comments are great, I really don’t like those questions either but hadn’t even really realised it to myself. I think the pressure to ‘get better soon’ can be stressful and it’s hard for people to get their head around how slow recovery can be.

    I got both your comments (both came to my email so all the follow-up/subscription internet magic must have worked.

    If your daughter likes my blog she may also like Billygean’s which is written by a me/cfs sufferer with a great sense of humour and has a lot more content to devour on it than mine.

    Also she is further along the path of recovery than I am which is always nice and positive to read about. I know I need to constantly remind myself that people do get better albeit slowly and with lots of setbacks and steep learning curves along the way.

    Big hugs to both of you.

    🙂 Sarah
    ps. not sure if it is a good day yet, I always delay that decision till 2pm – that way I have more good days.

  2. Annie Says:

    Thanks Sarah. We both loved hearing from you today. Will check out Billygean’s blog when we get a minute. Well done for being sensible and resting til 11am. This all seems to be about getting to know your body and just how to manipulate it to get the best out of it right?! Good luck with the rest of your week. I’m wishing some positivity your way as our girl is having a good one. x

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