Navigating adolescent CFS

These four walls…. August 10, 2011

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New table arrived this morning. It fills me with a sense of achievement as we’ve needed one for ..really…years. However the main thing I notice right now is it’s such bliss to have something different to look at!

I’m finding myself rearranging furniture just to feel like I’m in a slightly different environment! On Monday I moved our bedroom around. At one point the bed thought it would resist me but I was so determined I found the strength somewhere…and my back hasn’t protested too much since ….so looks like I got away with it..yay!

Anyhow, for those of you spending a little more time at home than you would otherwise choose, and who are well yourselves, I highly recommend a bit of ‘faffing around’ with furniture! And I’m not the ‘faffing’ kind usually as many of you would know!

There is definitely a positive feeling that comes from walking into a room that looks slightly different to how it looks in your memory. In fact, I’m sure I’ve read several articles about the beneficial effects of changing scenes but not something I can put my finger on right now…..

My darling girl is still completely worn out. Asked to not go to school at all today so she’s tucked up reading. I’m very grateful to be seeing the paediatrician on Friday even though I know she will have nothing new to tell us. I feel that way about the specialist we will see in September too. Unless there are new developments (please please let there be) I really don’t see how anything will change. Still I’m very grateful for the medical back up.

Depressed myself throughly yesterday revisiting the American CFIDS Association website. They have an adolescent fact sheet that states that research shows only between 8% and 27% of adolescent sufferers recover fully while up to 48% improve. I know, I know I just shouldn’t read this stuff and I should be positive….and I am most of the time. I truly believe that this is temporary…just keep those statistics away from me! And, there really is such a movement, particularly in the States, to get some answers to this condition.

Anyhow back to the table! It’s the first Andrew and I have ever bought despite being married for nearly 20 years! (Yes, old friends and family 20 years!!) We’ve been lucky enough to have had various tables from family over the years and we’re very grateful but it was finally time! Oh and for those of you who don’t know her you can also see our wonderful Phoebedog in the photo…she’ll be 13 in December. Slow to move these days..until food or the lead appears then she’s suddenly a skittish pup again!




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