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Go Cadel! July 23, 2011

Filed under: General — parentingcfs @ 1:06 pm

Not CFIDS related but we’re loving the Tour de France!!!! I’ve really got into it the last few years, partly because I get to sit on a couch in the middle of a grey Melbourne winter and look at the beautiful SUNNY French countryside and some extremely fit men! Shame it’s such a terrible timezone issue for us… very envious of those of you in Perth who get to see it all by midnight (and those of you in Europe – well!). Andrew stayed up until 2am again last night. I’ve been surviving on highlight packages as I just haven’t been able to stay up past 11:30pm …but tonight I’m going to try! Fingers crossed! ; )

Update 25th July: YAY CADEL!


One Response to “Go Cadel!”

  1. Roddy Says:

    Try being in NZ where it STARTED at 23:00 – sigh. Still Cadel did well even though I was gunning for Andy S.

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