Navigating adolescent CFS

Wednesday follow up… July 21, 2011

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Oh and for those of you who are interested, our girl made it to 1pm at school then her teacher called to say she’d been resting the whole late morning session so I just went and got her……..

Last night she came into bed with me at 3am with a stomachache and fell back asleep after an hour or so. These stomachaches have been increasing in frequency and severity it would seem. The headaches are a daily feature too.
Of course I had chosen to stay up stupidly late last night (something to do with relishing the ‘aloneness’) and after our girl fell asleep the dog wanted to go out, then took her sweet time coming back in….you get the picture. So I’m a little weary today!

Our girl hasn’t made it to school today. Her little brother, who has been home the last 2 days with a cold, struggled to come to terms with not being able to stay home too. He was definitely well enough for school though and reminding him that if he had CFIDS he wouldn’t be able to do any of the sport he loves seemed to balance the unjustness of the situation for him. Phew, another morning negotiated….

And should our girl be at home today? I DON”T KNOW because I’m not inside that poor body but I do know I have to listen to her because her having a sense of control does seem to be key to conquering this….


2 Responses to “Wednesday follow up…”

  1. Wow it must be so hard! You are doing such an amazing job with her, she is lucky to have you. xx

  2. Annie Says:

    Thanks for saying so – I can tell you it doesn’t feel like it sometimes! x

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