Navigating adolescent CFS or Reading Online July 20, 2011

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My husband made me laugh hard last night which is always a lovely gift to receive!

We  were talking about my fear of looking neurotic when it comes to talking to our wonderful doctors about what I’ve learnt from online sources. He pointed out that it’s not like I’m reading!

That appealed to my sense of humour and encapsulated exactly what I am battling with when I read online.

I try always to read about CFS as carefully as possible, preferably from medical sites only although there are some wonderful exceptions. Since I’ve just spent the last 2 months teaching an English course that involved establishing what makes a source credible I feel reasonably qualified to do this….. never a certainty with me! The wonderful exception to the medical sites I talk of is Sue Jackson’s blog. Not a medical site but as a chemical engineer in a previous life her information is very carefully considered and laid out and has been incredibly helpful to me.

Occasionally I will cite non-medical links but I have always carefully read these to ensure as much as I can that they are  linked to valid research and as balanced as possible. However the fact remains that I myself am not a doctor so any information provided on this blog is not medical advice!

So, as always, my wonderful husband made me think about something, feel much better about it and gave me a good laugh at the same time!



2 Responses to “ or Reading Online”

  1. Fraser Says:

    Critical thinking — and reading — has to be one of the most important things we can teach our kids (or niblings). I’m glad to hear about a mum who’s leading by example!

  2. Annie Says:

    Thanks Frase! Are you still blogging? What’s the address again? x

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