Navigating adolescent CFS

Term 3 Day One. July 18, 2011

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We’re back and our gorgeous girl survived! There were only 43 texts (and 1 phone call) exchanged Friday night, mostly anxiety but a small part due to her getting her head around the fact that yes texting does cost money. She managed to fall asleep around 12:30am and since where we were was 2 hours behind I got to enjoy the rest of the evening! Made the most of it by staying up til 2am (4am Melbourne time) Very proud of us middle agers! The draw was being with all these people we last hung out with en masse in our late teens /early twenties. It was just a great night and a wonderful wedding. We even got a lift back to the hotel in the mini bus with the bride and groom so good fun was had by all!

Saturday there were a few anxious texts (from our CFIDS girl) in the daytime and a decision to sleep at home rather than her friend’s but she spent the afternoon and early evening with her friend and family who were thoughtful and considerate of her needs as always. And then went back for more the next day! They spent Sunday afternoon on the couch watching movies which was perfect but by the time we picked her up our girl was chalk white and very very tired from all the stress of her bad mother’s absence! But the great news is it’s done now and we can go back to supporting her and not challenging her to see just how much better we can make her feel through symptom treatment.

And she has made it to school today and is going to try to rest there in the afternoon too rather than come home. I don’t know if this is the right tactic but it has been suggested we try it so we’ll see how we go. May as well make the most of it while she is still in a supportive primary school environment…the aim being to keep her as connected to the school community as much as possible which is all well and good provided it comes at no cost to her health. I strongly suspect resting at home recharges her better than at school but we’ll see. I’m talking here about the times when previously she would have just had enough and wanted to come home, not her regular 10:30 and 12:30 rests which always happen at school.


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