Navigating adolescent CFS

Specialist appointment July 13, 2011

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No. Really? Just got the letter for our first appointment with the CFS paediatric specialist…for 3 months away! 13th October.

I’m not really surprised. Just makes me even more grateful that I can find good resources on the net and put things in place without having to solely rely on doctors. And thankfully will still be able to see the regular paediatrician in between.  I’m so focussed on trying to make our girl as well as possible before high school starts (in 7 months), a 3 month hiatus on any progress would have been unbearable.

We had a lovely meal out last night and our girl was sparkly and happy mucking about with the other kids. Made it home by 9pm to stick to our routine but she still needed all morning in bed to recover, including some time in darkness listening to a talking book we got from the library the other day.  We did make it out of the house to get our eyes tested. (New stronger glasses for me…aaah the joys of ageing! Kids good though!) And then she’s watched tv and played on the computer this afternoon. Bit of a low day for her. She says it was worth it though. Had a great time last night so that’s good.

The youngest member of the family had his 3 hours on the courts of course – despite the lovely Melbourne rain! The full on sleet did put him off this afternoon’s footy training though. Smart boy!

Last few days of holidays ahead. Andrew and I are heading away for a long weekend Friday morning to see a very old friend of ours get married back in Perth. It’s not popular with the CFS sufferer at all. There has been a lot of anxiety from her about how she’s going to cope but we know she’s in very good hands.( You know who you are…thanks xx) She’s also managed to negotiate a mobile phone so that she can call me whenever she wants to. Good to know she’s still a real 12 year old under all this!


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