Navigating adolescent CFS

The beginning! July 10, 2011

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Hi Mum and other family and friends who are checking out my new blog about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and our girl. A big thank you to Nicole Avery, a good friend and blogger extraordinaire who gave me some generous pointers on setting up this site.
This purpose of this blog is to share the information we find out with all of you who love our daughter and share our hopes for her swift recovery. Despite my extensive searching of the wonderful worldwide web I have yet to find a blog on parenting a child with CFS – apart from a wonderful one in the US where the mother also has CFS – and if this blog puts me in touch with anyone else out there who is on this journey, that’s wonderful. To the two mums who I already know who are parenting a child with CFS – I hope you and your boys are having a good day and thank you for the information and support we have already shared.

So, welcome and please share your thoughts with me as I share our journey.


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