Navigating adolescent CFS

Online Information & Practitioner Support July 10, 2011

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One of the reasons I have started blogging is that I am extremely grateful for the information I have found on the blogosphere that allows me to help my girl and I wanted to do my bit to raise awareness of CFS/ME.

As this is such a poorly understood illness with no definite cause (although researchers seem to be ‘this close’) and no magic treatment to fix it, the internet has so far yielded more information than our paediatrician. This is through no fault of her own. Firstly, the internet and I can have very long appointments without any other patients missing out on treatment! And secondly, it is not her area of speciality.

Luckily for us our paediatrician is very supportive and interested and when I explained last Friday how carefully I was ‘vetting’ what I read online and that I felt I’d found something important that would address some of our girl’s symptoms(more on that soon) she said she was happy to keep working with us but that we should also see  a paediatric CFS specialist.

Luckily for us there are 2 in Melbourne! So now we are waiting (again!) for an appointment.


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